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As we have talked about in recent weeks, rodents are a big problem here in Florida. In fact, they are our state’s most common animal pest. So, if you aren’t ready for them, you just may be caught off guard. We have already discussed how Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can use rodent trapping and rodent exclusion to take care of your issue. They can also use rodent monitoring to help make sure the problem stays away.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions wants to make sure rodents stay away from your home. They will place locked, tamper resistant bait stations around the perimeter of your home or business. These stations use rodenticide, which eliminates the rodent population. It also ensures that your problem doesn’t return. If you are dealing with a major rodent problem, this may be part of the process to get rid of them.

Don’t forget – rodents can bring many bacteria and diseases with them. You can’t underestimate a rodent problem, when it plagues your property. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions knows what to do, and they have no bigger goal than your complete satisfaction. They give a one year warranty with all full rodent services, which means if the problem comes back, they do, too. Contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, today, and make sure you are protected from pests.

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