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Although rodents don’t generally look very frightening, they can have serious consequences on your health. No, they probably won’t seek you out, but they carry diseases that can cause major harm to you and your loved ones. And, rodents happen to be the most common animal pest in our area. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions offers many different ways to rid these pests from your home, and keep your family safe. One of those options is rodent trapping, and you can start that service right away.

  • Placement of the newest and most effective rodent traps along with a non-toxic bait used as an attractant.
  • Traps will be checked regularly for bait additions and rodent removal.
  • No poisons will be used in the attic or inside of the home. Dead rodents inside of wall cavities will cause terrible odors, expensive extraction service and wall repairs, not to mention possible dangers to children and pets.

As you can see, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has your family’s best interests in mind during these services. They want to fix your pest problem, but they want to do it in a way that won’t cause you any harm. That is why they focus on environmentally friendly tactics, and other proceedings that limit your potential issues. Of course, your complete satisfaction is their top priority, and that is why they offer a one year warranty on all full rodent services. Contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, today, and take back control of your property.

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