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There are probably few creatures that you would rather see less than a spider. The creepy crawly is a source of many nightmares, and may certainly cause a call to your pest control company. However, did you realize that, in some instances, spiders actually are a form of pest control? In fact, many farmers rely on these arachnids to keep their pest population in check. As a recent Discover blog shared, spiders even have their own personalities.

In an interesting experiment, researches set out to test the personality of spiders, and how personality might affect pest control. They tested spiders and split them into active and inactive categories. Then, they put them into an environment, creating an all active one, an all inactive one, and a mixed environment. The results showed that the mixed environment had less surviving pests, and very unpredictable results. The all active or inactive environments had very predictable results, with more surviving pests, giving credence to the idea that a diverse environment may be ideal.

Though you probably won’t be creating a spider environment to hold off pests, the information is interesting. But, if spiders or other pests are taking over your residence, it is time to call in Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions. Nothing should be able to prevent you from enjoying your property to the fullest. Your total satisfaction is Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions‘s number one priority, and if your issue comes back, they will too. Contact them, today, and set up your next appointment.

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