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There are two methods for dealing with lawn pests on West Palm Beach residential properties: Elimination and Prevention.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is usually called in after an owner finds damaged leaves, trunks, or other signs of infestation in their West Palm Beach plants, shrubs, and trees. Odd patterns in grasses can also indicate a pest problem, rather than accidental over- or under-watering.

While other companies may go directly to heavy doses of insecticides, our specialists know that an indiscriminate, mass spray is not always the best solution. Direct application to the insect colonies and their highways running across the property is far more effective than a general application which covers the entire outside property. Certain types of insects feed on the weeds that grow in grass other parts of a home’s landscaping. In those cases, our staff carefully applies an herbicide designed to remove that food source, eliminating the threat.

The most effective method to stop lawn pests is to deny them a food source. For Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, that does not necessarily mean spraying plants with an insecticide to block access. Grasses, plants, and trees are at their most resistant to pests and disease when they are well-fed and properly irrigated. Our staff horticulturalist can develop a plan that meets every landscaping requirement.

If there are trees beyond recovery, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions advises replacing them with Florida native trees better resistant to pests and disease. The Royal and Silver palms are very tough, and the Sabal palm shrugs off everything. The only way to kill one completely it is to dig up the roots and wait for the next hurricane to get rid of it.

In addition to palms, other native trees, shrubs, plants, and grasses are usually sturdier than their exotic counterparts like the Bismark palm, Chinese Wisteria, and Torpedo Grass. While many homeowners may think an exotic backyard makes for a perfect entertainment setting, it often leads to brown, infested landscaping and an expensive bill every time they need to replace them.

If you have signs of a lawn pest problem or want to develop a pro-active plan to prevent an infestation, contact Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions today at (561) 842-4700. With over 20 years serving West Palm Beach, our family-owned business is proud to do the same for you.

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