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Eliminating lawn pests is the best defense against their intrusion into a home. If the lawn and landscaping are hostile to the health of pests such as ants and other insects, not to mention rodents, then the chance of one gaining entry to your Florida home is significantly decreased.

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has eliminated pests from West Palm Beach homes for almost fifty years. We have the latest in equipment, pest sprays, and other treatments, and training to make sure our employees bring their best to every lawn and home they visit. It is not enough to just spray an anthill and set a few traps around the perimeter of your lawn. We determine where the pests are coming from and concentrate our initial efforts there.

As an example, if your backyard is next to an access road or an alley, this is most likely the source of the problems. One of our inspectors can find a trail where the pests are entering and block it using chemical or other methods.

We prefer to use as little poison as possible near your home, but the edge of your property is safely away from your kitchen and bedrooms. That means we can use stronger chemical agents and even open baits to cut across trails if there are no concerns for children or pets. An area like this is ideal for glue traps as well to stop insects and small rodents.

We try to use as few pesticides as possible, but a certain, minimum level is necessary to prevent infestations from grubs and secondary damage that can happen as well. A large mole population draws moles and ibises, which tear up lawns in a matter of weeks. Worse, the wild pigs that are starting to become a threat in parts of Western Palm Beach County dig for grubs also. Just a few of these pigs can rip up a large backyard in a single weekend.

An alley or access road also means we can use more methods of trapping pests. Standard mousetraps can be set up to kill rodents instead of one- or two-door capture traps when there is no worry about accidentally injuring cats, dogs, or toddlers.

Maintaining a healthy lawn also keeps certain types of pests away as well. By keeping a regular schedule of fertilizing and watering your lawn, we cut down on the risk of fire ants establishing a new home where they eventually take over the lawn and then move into your home and throughout the neighborhood.

There is also one simple thing that homeowners can do to help against most pests. Secure the lids on your trash cans and encourage your neighbors to do the same. It reduces the number of odors released into the air which prevents rodent and most insects from getting inside. Pests do not settle in an area where there is no access to food.

If you can see damage to your lawn, or want more information on how to protect your home, now is the time to do something. Call Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions today at (561) 907-8629 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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