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Lawn pests are a constant threat to Palm Beach Gardens landscaping. Florida is home to an incredible number of insects native to our area and other threats brought in on exotic species of plants and animals. To deal with this wide variety of threats, homeowners need an experienced lawn service that stop the pests and reduce the risk of further infestations.

One of the lesser known threats to residential properties, especially to new residents, are White Fly infestations. The only indication of a Palm Beach Gardens White Fly problem is the black, sooty mold that can cover many types of shrubs and palm trees. If not treated quickly, the flies can destroy landscaping, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in replacement plants and trees.

Our technicians deal with White Flies using two methods: drenching and injection. For shrubs and hedges like the Carissa and the Copperleaf, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions personnel soaks the affected plants to wash off the visible mold and ensure every surface has a coating of insecticide. For palm and other trees, a soaking spray does not kill all the mold. Team members have to inject the insecticide to get to the flies that worked their way below the bark.

The best way to stop pests, however, is to prevent them. Often, insects begin destroying landscaping with shrubs and trees that are dry and weak from a lack of water. Our experts can examine each lawn to determine an irrigation schedule that provides the moisture needed to help prevent infestations and keep water utility costs to as low a level as possible.

Along with irrigation, proper fertilization keeps shrubs and trees healthy and resistant to pest infestations. Our technicians can build a fertilization schedule to match not just the type of landscaping, but also the primary threats to each home based on the time of year.

No matter what pest may be infesting your Palm Beach Gardens property, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can effectively deal with the problem. If you see any bare patches of grass, openings of any size in your lawn or flowerbeds, or a powder-like coating on your shrubs and trees, call our office today at (561) 842-4700 to schedule a visit and begin the process to eliminate pests.

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