Termites are a year-round threat to West Palm Beach homes. They are a persistent and insidious threat to any residence unless the homeowner has a plan in place to deal with the termites at both the perimeter and foundation, reducing the threat before they can even cross the threshold. Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions can help each homeowner to tailor a plan to meet their individual needs.

In Florida, the threat comes from both Drywood and Subterranean termites. Each species presents a unique threat, but Subterranean termites in West Palm Beach build much larger colonies and pose a more significant problem in the sheer number of insects that can overwhelm a home before the owner even knows they are present. Subterranean termites also need less water than Drywood termites, which makes them more difficult to locate.

For the first line of defense, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians set up Sentricon bait monitors along the perimeter of a home’s property. They determine the best spots for these monitors by examining the ground for roads or trails leading into the residence. These are mud tubes that offer protection for the termites as they leave their underground colonies to look for food and water sources.

Our personnel installs the Sentricon monitors with poisoned bait across these trails, so the termites take the bait and return to share it with the rest of the colony. The solid bait is designed to attract termites over other food sources, so they bring back the poison and eliminate the colony as quickly as they can travel.

To block and protect the foundation of a home, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions technicians use Termidor. We spray this chemical agent at any possible entry point to poison scouts and other termites, which reduces the risk of intrusion into a home. Termidor is foam, so it does not evaporate quickly and gives the termites seeking food plenty of time to consume it and bring it back to the colony.

As you can see, the best way to protect your West Palm Beach home from termites is to ensure they never reach it in the first place. As a family-owned business for almost fifty years, Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions has the experience, training, and equipment needed to protect our neighbors and keep their homes safe. If you need our help with a termite problem, call us today at (561) 842-4700.

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