Prepare Your Home For Spring

Spring is coming up, you should think about how you are going to prepare your home for any spring pests that might be lurking around. Don’t let pests become a problem with enjoying your spring. Here are a couple of tips on how to go about spring cleaning to make sure that everything is in good shape to keep pests out.

Clean out the Bathroom and Toilet

There are critters that are very attracted to moisture and humidity. Cockroaches are the most notorious, as are silverfish. Make sure to plug any leaks that may be around, as they lead moisture build up. If it’s something a little more than you can handle, you should contact professionals to help you out.

Make sure to take out and replace your shower curtains, and don’t miss scrubbing around the cabinets and sinks to get any build up that might be going on there.

Check Outside

Aside from inspecting the inside of your house, you should also be taking a thorough look around the outside. Look out for any damaged parts of your house like roof shingles, gutters, and screen doors. You should also be looking to see if there are any cracks and spaces that critter could be using to get into your home and sealing them up. You may come across wasp or bee nests, you should not do anything about these on your own, it’s best to contact services that can remove them for you.

Aside from your actual home, look around for trees and bushes. Bushes and branches that are a little too close for comfort could be pathways that for pests to get right into your house. Consider trimming away any bushes and branches that are in close proximity.

Inspect Your Basement

Look through your basement and inspect for cracks and spaces that you think pests could be using to get into your home, and fill them in. Also take the time to remove clutter and generally ensure your basement is clean. Spiders and other pests such as rats and mice like dark confined spaces, so it’s best to look around and ensure anything you are using as storage is properly sealed.

Kitchen Cleaning

The nature of everyday kitchen use ensures that the space is bound to attract all sorts of pests. Dirt, grime, crumbs, residue all attract small insects such as ants, flies and cockroaches. Make sure you are regularly cleaning your kitchen as thoroughly as possible. Also be prudent and not food out in the open.

Clean out your storage spaces. Any cabinets should be emptied of any expired or unused foods and other items. Once that’s done, give the inside of your cabinets a scrub for good measure. Take the time to vacuum and clean behind any appliances, and even behind spaces you don’t normally clean like the back of your fridge or oven.