As the winter is approaching, people are bound to looking into options of keeping themselves warm.

Renovating the fireplace, buying winter clothing, and whatnot, we hardly realize that it’s not just us who are preparing for the winter; the furry critter that we hate, i.e., the rats, are also preparing to take residency at your home.

Rats could be the most unwelcomed but common pests in the United States household. Getting rid of rats or rodents can be extremely difficult. The post features six mind-boggling reasons that would make your hate rates more.

Rats learn from their mistakes

Rats are smart thinkers and tend to learn from their mistakes. Their brilliance is ranked closer to that of the chimpanzees and dolphins. So, know you know that those viral videos of rats solving puzzles are real.

Yes, rats can memorize routes and solve puzzles. Imagine spending some time and effort to find the entrance point of rats to your house and blocking it, and the rat finding or making another entrance point within a day or a couple of hours, beats you, right? That’s how smart they are.

Do you want something more mind-boggling? A rat can also learn from the mistakes of his partner in crime. Poison a rat, and you might succeed, but the chances of you succeeding the second time with the same bait is close to zero, as the fellow rat tends to recognize and associate the bait’s smell to that of the last meal of his friend.

Rats are strong swimmers

Rats and swim the distance (even a mile) to survive, find warms, and start a colony. Flooding or heavy rain close to their burrows drives them to households or workplaces.

Certain rat breeds are known to tread water and hold their breath for up to three minutes underwater. Have you heard about rats popping up in toilets? Making way up flooded pipes is not a challenging task for rats.

Rats breed non-Stop

Rats are prolific breeders, they need just a pile of paper to shred and make the perfect nest, and the next thing you know is that they are in business.

On the other hand, Rats give birth to a maximum of ten pups and can give birth up to six times a year. If you do the math, with no specialist intervention, two rats giving birth in the first place can lead to 1000 rats in your house in a year.

Their teeth never stop growing

Ever wonder why rats or mice continuously gnaw through anything and everything, even when it’s not edible? This is because rodent’s teeth never stop growing. It is to maintain their teeth in good size and shape; they cause so much damage.

They are built to survive

Rats can swim, rats can escape traps, and have a good memory of traps, tracks, and recognize the smell; what more do you need to rank them as an escape artist?

Rats spend most of their time underground, relying on subterranean tracks to access new areas; this helps prevent crossing paths with predators.

They could be the most challenging pest to control

Rats are more intelligent and difficult to remove compared to mice. Rats trust their instinct, and on most occasions, it pays off.

For example, rats are always on the alert and suspicious of anything new introduced to their environment. They are smart enough to take the bait from a mousetrap without triggering it. The noncurious nature of rats makes them survive longer and not easily catchable via conventional traps.

Rats can laugh

Imagine a rat doing all the damage and laughing at you. That might not be the right picture, but yes, rats can laugh indeed. Research on rats has found that they make small giggling noises loud enough for us to hear when tickled.

Know you know why rats could be the most dangerous and hard to eliminate pests out there. With this knowledge, you should also know that rats require professionals to eliminate. Finding a rat in your home is just the beginning, and if you do not put an end at the beginning, it’s going to turn out to be a nightmare within days. To place an end to it in the most appropriate way, you need the assistance of a professional rat exterminator.

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