What to do about the flying ants in Florida

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Flying ants fly for a reason – to move to new environments and start a new colony. If you find one or two around your home, it can only mean two things: there is an already established colony around your house or these household pests are about to start one. Whatever the case may be, you need to contact a licensed pest control specialist to prevent a possible ant infestation.

What are flying ants attracted to?

Like a typical insect, flying ants are attracted to sweet treats. Honey, sugar, sweet and sugary food, open food containers, and food debris left lying carelessly in your home can attract these pests.

Flying ants are also attracted to environments they consider favorable. These include higher parts of your home like your chimney, or your windows if you reside in a storey building. It is also common to find these pests flying around lights in your home, as they are attracted to heat and light. Additionally, flying ants are attracted to damp environments and food sources. They prefer to settle on woody materials and can cause structural damage to your property.

Do carpenter ants have wings?

Yes, carpenter ants have wings. But not all carpenter ants are ants with wings. In a carpenter ant colony, the workers (those who maintain the colony) and the queen (the one ant who is tasked with the responsibility of reproduction), do not possess wings.

Swarmers however do possess wings. These are the third category of carpenter ants that fly out of their original colony to reproduce and form new ant colonies. Swarmers are larger than workers and they possess two sets of wings. The front pair of a swarmer’s wings are longer than the rear pair, and their wings sit on their thorax right above their waist. Call us immediately if you notice a winged Carpenter ant infestation.

Florida flying ant identification

Florida flying ants have bent antennae that seem to look like a tiny elbow, a straight waist that narrows out towards the thorax. They also possess two pairs of wings with unequal lengths. The front pair of flying ant wings are larger than the hind wings.

Florida flying ants can have a reddish, black, or brown body. These ant species are attracted to moisture and can be found around moist environments like your outdoor pool or moist wooden indoor furniture. Nevertheless, these pests can also be found in a dry environment. They do not eat wood but burrow through wood to build nests. This can be used to differentiate between flying ants and winged termites in Florida as the latter feed on wood.

These flying ants seek nesting sites that are protected, concealed, and near food and water sources.

Are flying ant bites dangerous?

Flying ants are usually on a mission to reproduce and generally do not display aggressive behaviors. However, these ants can still sting and bite out of defense when they perceive danger.

Luckily, flying ant bites are not considered harmful. A flying ant victim’s skin may get irritated at the site of the bite and they may feel a burning sensation. This however should stop after a short period of time.

It is not common for these ants to bite you, and if for any reason this happens, their bite does not pose danger to your health. Nevertheless, individuals with allergies to these pests are likely to have noticeable symptoms and may require medical attention.

How to get rid of flying ants?

Just like other persistent pests, dealing with flying ants goes far beyond eliminating each one individually as you find them. In reality, this is one way to get them to bite you in defense as they will feel threatened. You have to exterminate the entire colony for your ant control measures to be effective.

Flying ants aren’t restricted to residential buildings only. They can also be found in commercial environments. Getting rid of these pests requires a preventive approach, finding and eliminating possible colonies, and recovering damages done to properties. This requires the expert services of a licensed pest control agency, and this is why you need Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions

Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions is a pest control company with experts experienced in dealing with pests in Floridam. From termites, to rodents, and species of ants, Shoreline Environment Pest Solutions provides quality pest control services for residential and commercial customers using Integrated Pest Management, and the safest chemical and non-chemical products in eliminating pests and ensuring that your environment is safe.

At Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, we send certified specialists to inspect your property after which our exterminators roll in with their skills to get rid of these pests and create a preventive measure against flying ants on your property. Contact us today for a free inspection of your property. With Shoreline Environmental Pest Solutions, you win and bugs lose.

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