Rats are a major headache for any property owner. Once they find a way to your home, it’s hard to keep them out. The fact that rats can breed nonstop makes matters worse within weeks or months. Several reasons make rats dangerous; some of them are:

  • Rats can swim
  • They can learn from their mistakes
  • The teeth of rats never stop growing, and to maintain their size and shape, they usually gnaw on whatever they see
  • Rats can memorize and learn from their mistakes

Each of the above reasons points towards the need to remove rats from your house as fast as possible. The earlier you identify rat infestation, the easier and quicker you can remove them from your property. Some signs of a rat infestation include:

  • Allergies
  • Odor
  • Chew marks
  • Pet behavior
  • Noise and mark
  • Property damage

This post features some tips to get rid of rats from a rat-infested house.

Seal the entry points

Preventing more rats from entering your property lets you actively focus on the problem at hand; this is why identifying and sealing off the entry points to your house should be the first step. The possible entry points for rats to your home are:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Floors
  • Walls, ceilings, roof vents
  • Roof vents

Inspect these areas closely, and make sure to look at any crawl spaces within your house as you might get lucky and find a rat nest. Do not underestimate even the most minor crack or hole, as if a ray of light can pass through these small apertures; rats can make it their entry point today or tomorrow.

Take food off the table

Rats feed on almost anything edible. Eliminating food sources is a smart and inevitable move when it comes to removing rats from your property fast. The kitchen is where rats usually prowl for food; finding a food resource in the house is easy for rats. To prevent attracting rats from food, you have to eliminate restrain from storing food in vulnerable ways.

If not stored in a fridge, food for humans and pets should be stored in sealed containers. Wipe kitchen benchtops, vacuum the floors, and clean the crawl areas in the kitchen regularly. Clean the appliances such as toasters and sandwich press after each use.

Removing water sources from the kitchen is also a smart move; make sure to fix leaky pipes and faucets.

De-clutter and clean

Eliminate any clutter, and make sure to vacuum your house at least once every two weeks. Clutter provides the perfect haven for rats to nest. A Pile of books and furniture tucked away in the storeroom could turn out to be the ideal nesting spot for rats.  Store away waste in closed bins and try your best to keep the drains and pipes clutter-free.

Use traps and baits

Snap traps are ideal solutions to kill rats instantly. Rat loves peanut butter, and you can use this as bait for the traps. On the flip side, if you notice some specific food items that rats are inclined to in your house, you can use that as bait.

Due to their hazardous chemical composition, we advise using baits and poisons to control outdoor rat problems. Make sure to read the usage instructions carefully and place the baits in enclosed bait stations.

Keep baits and traps out of the reach of pets and children. You can keep the traps in milk crates or boxes.

Call an exterminator

An exterminator could be your smartest move as they possess the high-end tools and detectors. A pest specialist can efficiently identify the rat entry points and rat nests. This lets them address the problem from the root, thereby eliminating or minimizing the concern of re-infestation.

Using baits or dangerous traps might not always be the safest option, and you can sidetrack this option when hiring Titan as we remove rats from your property fast without using poisons or any hazardous methods.

Getting rid of rats in your house is not an easy task; you need to invest a considerable amount of time and effort over days or weeks to make sure that no single rat survives. Understand, if you don’t eliminate that last rat, you are certain to see a re-infestation in a couple of weeks.

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