Florida Winter Pests Prevention And When To Get Professional Help

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Whenever it’s winter, other than the cold, Florida is known for some other things. Pests. The cold weather is amazing for humans, but it’s not for the pests. It sends them out of their homes, in search of a warmer home. This leads them to your home. As humans, we are better at making indoors warmer during cold seasons. Hence, these pests march into the home without permission, if you do nothing. 

Once these pests make their way into your home, they go beyond their initial need of shelter. They’ll make your home almost inhabitable. This is why you need to take preventive measures. You can do this yourself. However, there are times the best move is to invite a professional. 

Types of pests common in Florida

There are several pests that find their way towards your home during winter. However, these four are the most common and notorious. 


They are cold-blooded animals, which makes warm conditions their only ideal weather. Once the temperature begins to drop, they seek shelter – in your home. The main invite of ants are the crumbs you leave on the floor, or food containers you leave open. As soon as you notice them, take action. Failure to do so can see them multiply sporadically. 


The holidays is known as the cockroach season. Cockroaches are also cold-blooded, which causes them to flock to warmer locations. A warm Florida home is the right destination. 

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice stay active all through the year. You’d wish they hibernate during winter like other rodents. Unfortunately, they don’t. This is why you need companies like Shoreline to help you get rid of them. 


When your window frame are broken, or there are uncovered gaps, these animals can find their way into your home. Once in, you’ll find them feeding on cardboard boxes, glue, etc. 

How to prevent pests in Florida Winter

Not taking preventive actions leaves your family prone to diseases. These pests sometimes can dwell in your home and go unnoticed for days or weeks. In this period, they can bear diseases, infect surfaces and food, and leave your family sick. 

Block all holes

As difficult as it may seem, you should diligently and thoroughly search for all holes that may exist in your home. When you find these, block them to prevent pests from finding their way into your home. 

Clean your home thoroughly

From your kitchen to the living room and bedroom, you should ensure that you clean properly. Food particles, crumbs, etc. draw the attention of pests. Hence, beyond lodging in your home, they come out to destroy things. As much as you, make sure your food and other materials that attract pests are stored away properly. 

Call on a professional

There is no better way to get rid of pests than by calling on a professional. While professionals are excellent with reactive elimination, they can also help you with preventive measures. One of the best companies out there in Florida to help you with this is Shoreline. You should reach out to them now.

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